HR Management

Employee Self Service

Employees are empowered to view their Leave balances, Salary and HR benefits.

Payslip generation

Get accurate payslips in just few clicks.

Employee file upload

Keep all your employee files in one place.

HR Database

Easily track and maintain all your employee records, payslip information, assets issued and much more.


Automated payroll process with deductions

Attendays handles your most complicated payroll calculations and helps you to pay hourly or salaried employees

Payroll preview & report generation

Gain detailed insights on entire Organization's payroll process. Our in-depth reporting options ensures great accuracy and versatility.

Loan & Advance Management

Helps to manage Loan & Advances for employee salary based on organization policies and facilitates deduction of loan repayment through EMI from salary.

Time Tracking.

Biometric integration

Attendays offers seamless integration with most biometric devices and provides accurate reports on employee arrival, departure, break time and overtime

Shift Management

Create multiple shift policies and assign it to employees.

Real time reporting

Real time reporting

Leave & Attendance

Leave & Attendance

Gives you real time insight and complete visibility of your employee attendance and working hours

Holidays Calender

Configure your Company holidays list for each year.

Leave requests and approval

Employees can apply for leaves from their dashboard and administrators can review it easily.


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